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The powersport industry’s very first virtual trade show, the Powersports International Internet Expo (PIIE), has reportedly topped the 1,000 mark milestone of pre-registrations, early in the month of January. Exceeding the projected goal of 500, Motorcycle Industry magazine Publisher Rick Campbell, the show’s host, stated he was most pleasantly surprised, but knew the industry was ready for a virtual show. Campbell said, “No more travel away from business and family, spending scarce resources to go to the Midwest, in the depth of winter, to have a few drinks and see a few friends. Dealer/retailers can now find new suppliers, new products, new programs, etc., without leaving the store, their home, or even an Internet cafÈ. Some said our market was not savvy enough to be able to get full value from an Internet show. Balderdash! These folks run their stores via computer management systems, research product and suppliers on line every day. Why make them spend money and leave everything behind, when their attention is so badly needed at the store?” Campbell went on to say he thought it possible the PIIE event might even have as many retailers visiting the event as will be going to Indy this year. The event dates are Feb. 1, 2 and 3, 2010, so you might still be able to log on. Go to www.mimag.com/piie to see what you might miss. 


Leatt Corporation announced it has received an Arbitration Award in South Africa, which granted their request for a permanent restraining order against former employees Karl Ebel, Grant Nelson, as well as one other “defendant”. According to a company spokesperson the order permanently restrains them from disclosing proprietary information about, and any commercial exploitation of, Leatt’s neck brace intellectual property. “The company is seeking enforcement of the arbitration order in the U.S. against the defendants,” they told us, and Leatt alleged that the defendants were selling a neck brace through a California-based company that is based on, and violates, Leatt Corporation’s intellectual rights. 


“Harley-Davidson Inc. is recalling 111,569 motorcycles manufactured from Jun. 6, 2008 through Nov. 19, 2009, because of a threat of gasoline leaking in the event of a frontal collision,” reported the New Mexico Business Weekly. The paper told us the recall affects some 2009 and 2010 touring bikes, including CVO touring and trike products. “The motorcycles’ front fuel tank mounts may distort as a result of a front-end crash, creating the potential for fuel to leak and ignite after a crash,” it explained, adding, “Under the recall, dealers will install left and right front braces designed to reduce front mount distortion in a crash.” 


Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. announced it will not participate in the AMA Pro Racing road racing series in 2010. “While we’ve always considered road racing an integral part of our sportbike development process, the realities of the current economic situation dictate the temporary suspension of our U.S. road racing activities,” said Marketing Director Bruce Stjernstrom, who added, “We expect to see eventual improvements in the general economic condition and Kawasaki will reevaluate its road racing position as we monitor those issues.” 


According to U.S. Bankruptcy Court papers dated Dec. 22, 2009, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy of Bikeman Performance, Inc., has been discharged. The company has reportedly re-formed under the new name Bikeman Performance Plus, at the same address of the previous company. We are told that any pre-existing debt with the old company is now discharged and uncollectible. The papers state: “This court order grants a discharge to the person named as the debtor. It is not a dismissal of the case and it does not determine how much money, if any, the trustee will pay to creditors.” All any creditors can do now, is apparently hope the trustee will find financial resources to satisfy any debt. It is quite clear, in our opinion, the owner has no intention of honoring amounts factually owed. Caveat Emptor. 


Ridley Motorcycle Company announced it has reached a settlement with Harley-Davidson in a lawsuit the company brought against Ridley over the trade name Auto-Glide in 2003. “As part of the settlement agreement, Ridley has agreed to discontinue use of the Auto-Glide name in any future models,” reported a company spokesperson, who told us the full terms of the settlement have not been disclosed as part of the settlement agreement. “The case was tried in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Federal Court in August 2007, but a verdict had not been announced before the suit was settled,” they added. 

Article By: Motorcycle Industry Magazine

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